From its very creation in 1641 by brothers George and Thomas, Hutchesons’ Grammar School has been an important part of the history and social fabric of Glasgow, and its many incarnations have run parallel to the development and growth of the vibrant city it calls home.

The School has kept pace with the city, from its charitable beginnings as a humble school for young boys in the town centre; to the rise of individual elementary secondary schools for boys and then later girls, and finally to the amalgamation of both schools on the site of the Boys Grammar in 1976. Hutchesons’ continues to evolve and expand and is now firmly established as one of the largest and most successful independent schools in Scotland.

A full historical timeline can be downloaded here.

With the passage of time, a School like Hutchesons’ gathers a significant wealth of historical memorabilia, articles and documents and this treasure trove of local history is both restored and researched by our onsite Archivist, Kate Keter.

In the course of her work she has uncovered poignant photographs and stories, from Hutchesonians through the ages, which enrich and inform our shared history and help today’s pupils connect with the past.
The School has also been the subject of many books over the years and the most recent one, which has been commissioned by the School from well-known author Brian Lockhart.
The fascinating new publication tells the complete story of Hutchesons' Grammar School, in 14 chapters, covering the time of its foundation in 1641 right up to its current position as one of the largest and most successful academic schools in Scotland.