Primary Three

Highlights include topics on Farming, Festivals of Other Cultures, the Romans and Healthy Eating.

Roman Show

Primary 3 Pupils let you know what they did!

P3C have been studying timelines relating to Tutankhamun and the excavation of his tomb. The pupils used timelines which highlighted important events in the Roman Empire. The final development was to make a timeline of their own lives.

In class we looked at Tutankhamun's timeline and a Roman one as well. Our teacher Mrs Crawford thought it was a good idea to do our own timeline. We had to stick photographs of us through the years and we had to write sentences about the pictures. It was a brilliant project to be involved in.

In class we made timelines of ourselves. I talked to my mum about what I did from aged 1 to aged 7. I drew some pictures and my mum gave me some photographs too. I like drawing pictures and writing. I enjoyed doing my timeline.

My favourite thing in primary three was the Roman topic because if the Romans had not come to Scotland, there would be no grapes! We sang our hearts out at the Roman concert and had a big Roman Feast.

P3 Cultural Visit

 I can do the times tables and also count to one thousand. I have learned to make ratatouille with a chef.

I loved seeing the birds of prey because I had never seen a peregrine falcon and probably never would. I also learned how to divide and I am very very very good at that.