Posted: Monday 28 November 2011

Navy life: From the front line to the palace

Commodore Sandford

Lara Gilmour and Lawrie Carlaw of S6 continue with their reports on the current Talking Points session: 

On Friday 11 November, S6 had a talk from Commodore Sandford, an absolutely fascinating man who gave us a great insight into life in the navy. 

A former FP and Glasgow native, he joined the navy at a young age and has since lived a life unlike any other, having been placed all over the world and seen things most people only dream about. S6 were on the edge of our seats as we listened intently to his many adventures from a life spent at sea, including meeting royalty and having an audience with the Pope.

Perhaps the most exciting part of his navy career was being in charge of bomb disposal, and he kept us enthralled with the explosive stories from this time in his life!

Being part of the navy developed both his leadership  and teamwork skills and he imparted a few words of wisdom about being a good leader to S6, advice which I’m sure will prove invaluable to us in many aspects of life.

This was a truly unforgettable talk and a chance for S6 to hear a life story which is totally unique!

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