Posted: Tuesday 22 June 2010

S3 History Pupils meet Wartime Refugees

Henry Wuga with S3 pupilsAll S3 historians had the good fortune to spend an hour on 10 June listening to the moving story of Henry Wuga and his wife Ingrid. We learned about their time in Nazi Germany and how Jewish people faced discrimination. The Wugas managed to get out of Germany in 1939 just before the outbreak of war and both of them ended up in Britain.

Henry WugaMr and Mrs Wuga passed around personal items, such as their passports and the letters Mr Wuga sent from Britain to his parents who had remained in Germany. British intelligence officers actually accused him of communicating with the enemy through these letters and it took a great deal of explaining for him to prove that he was not  a Nazi spy.

After listening to the Wugas' touching life story, we had the opportunity to ask questions. Many of us did so and some very interesting points were raised. Unfortunately, time ran short for S3 who ended the visit with a flourish of applause. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

I feel that meeting people involved in such tragic events gave me a much greater insight into the lives of the Jewish refugees than has ever been possible from reading a textbook.

I am grateful to Mr and Mrs Wuga and the History Department for organising such a special event.

Anna Davidson [S3]

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