2018 Senior School Show


This year's Senior show, Grease, took the school community on a whirlwind adventure as they performed their own rendition of the classic American musical, with singing, dancing and driving! 

The Hutchie stage was transformed into Rydell High School this month, with Art and Drama pupils spending weeks carefully planning and designing a fantastic 1950’s set with their very own cars. 
Drama pupils have been rehearsing this term and with the support of the Drama Department, they have managed their own light and sound. 
The cast and crew showcased their talents with three evening performances at Beaton Road with the Senior pupils telling the story of the classic movie that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. 
The School musicians provided accompaniment for the show, with the Music Department and orchestra rehearsing most lunchtimes and evenings to ensure they could deliver the best performance. 
The final night was particularly poignant for the S6 leavers’ as it was their last time taking part in a school show. The performers thanked the Drama Department, pupils who volunteered to help, the wardrobe team, technical and choreography teams, the Music Department and the teaching staff for their hard work to make the 2018 show a great success. 
Very well done to everyone who put on the fantastic show which was very well attended. 
Photographs from the show can be seen here

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