A legendary performance

TWO primary pupils from Hutchesons’ Grammar School stole the show during Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain’s concert in Glasgow last night.

Talented siblings Myles, eight, and seven year-old April MacAulay performed a flawless 15-minute set to a stunned audience and raised an impressive £2,452.27 for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice.

A star-struck Phil Cunningham introduced April and Myles to the audience saying: “We have a treat in store for you tonight.

"A little while ago we got a phone call asking if two young musicians could come and perform on stage. They play the accordion and fiddle like no one we have ever seen, they are absolutely amazing.”

He joked: “They are what Aly and I used to look like, and we know who will replace us once we retire.”

April, who is phenomenal on the fiddle, performed a solo to kick off the show before the audience was treated to Myles’ amazing accordion skills. The stage starlets were a big hit with the crowd and Phil and Aly made their year when they joined them on stage for their final performance -  ‘Off to California’.

April and Myles, who are in P2 and P4 respectively, wanted to use their talent to help others and decided to perform to raise money for the Prince and Prince of Wales Hospice. The Hospice is the school's annual charity and all its pupils have been involved in various fund-raising activities throughout the year.


The School approached Phil Cunningham to ask if he could support the siblings’ bid to raise as much money as possible for the Glasgow Hospice and he very kindly agreed to share his stage with April and Myles. And now Phil and Aly have two young super-fans to add to their fan base.

April said: “Aly has just turned 71 and I just turned seven but we are friends now and I loved playing with both Phil and Aly on stage. They were both really nice.”

Myles added: “It was amazing to play with Phil and Aly and to introduce our school and the charity to the audience. Their jokes made me laugh."

During the concert’s 15 minute interval Myles and April stood with Hospice collection buckets at the side of the hall and it wasn’t long before they were struggling to hold them as they quickly became weighted down with donations.


One very generous donor, who wrote a cheque for £2,000, said: "It is in recognition of the prompt to donate made by the prodigious talent displayed by Myles and April which was noted by all at the concert. The world of Scots traditional music will need to keep its eyes on this young pair."

Phil joked: “The only reason we let April and Myles play is there’s plenty of time for us to retire before they go professional.”

He added: “I just heard them tonight for the first time and I am quite literally blown away.They are filled with confidence and able to handle their instruments really well. I spoke to them earlier and they were so excited.

“It’s great for young kids to realise the value of the hospice at such an early age and wish them the best for their fundraising. They’ve great ability and good teachers.”

Myles and April’s mum Clare said: “It was a privilege and a pleasure to meet Phil and Aly and to watch my children perform with these two music legends. They instantly made my children at ease with their humour and warmth.”

If you would like to donate and help April and Myles raise even more for such a worthwhile charity you can do so on their justgiving page here.

Well done April and Myles!


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