A research first

Five former pupils, who took part in an innovative research project while at school, have seen their papers published in a prestigious journal. Head of Philosophy and Religion Dr Tonner explains further.


"October 2016 saw the publication of papers by five former pupils, written while they were in S4 and S5 at Hutchesons’, in the book Philosophy and Museums: Essays of the Philosophy of Museums, edited by Victoria Harrison, Gary Kemp and Anna Bergqvist.

"Now FPs, Jessica Palmer, Claire Richmond, Glen Melville, Scott Adams and Lucy McCracken took part in an innovative collaborative project between Hutchesons' Grammar School’s Department of Philosophy and Religion, the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Museums in 2012-2013 which enabled them to conduct research on philosophical questions relating to museum collections and to present the results of their research as academic papers at the Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual conference in Glasgow in 2013 at the Burrell Collection.

"Our pupils, together with Dr Tonner, who also has a chapter in this book, were then given the opportunity to rework their papers for publication in an edited collection which presents the work of internationally renowned scholars in the newly emerging field of the philosophical study of museums and their collections.

"This was a truly innovative project that enabled our pupils to conduct research into topics, such as the representation of madness in museums, the nature of museum space and the identity of museum objects, and to share their ideas with both professional philosophers and museum professionals.

"To our knowledge, this is the first time that the work of school pupils has appeared in an academic publication of this type. An added bonus for our pupils was the opportunity for them to connect with one of Hutchesons' Grammar School’s older FPs: the renowned Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing whose work on madness formed part of Lucy, Scott and Glen’s paper."


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