A whole new world

P7 pupils took everyone on a magical adventure as they performed their annual school show on Tuesday, Aladdin Junior.

With an impressive rendition of the Disney classic, the P7 pupils delivered two performances to the school, family and friends with enthusiastic singing, dazzling costumes, spectacular dancing and clever comedy.

Behind the scenes, the art and design crew spent weeks carefully painting and crafting the colourful set, creating the captivating backdrop of Agrabah whilst the actors spent hours rehearsing their moves and perfecting lines.

Pulling it all together, the stage crew were busy delivering the technical aspects of the production, learning all about light and sound in the process as they ensured everything went to plan.

Teacher, Mr Gallacher said: “The show was a true collaborative effort with every member of the year playing their part to make it such a success, very well done to everyone involved.”

The P7 group would like to thank the music staff, particularly Mr McLeod and Mrs Murch, dance choreographer Miss Johnston, Mrs McAslan for costume creation and make-up and Mr Drysdale for all the technical support and help during this project.

Keeping with the dramatic theme of the term, the cast and crew visited the Kings Theatre to learn about life working in the creative industry.

P7 enjoyed a tour of the iconic Glasgow landmark, treading the boards on centre stage, exploring the spooky corridors and taking in the view from the Royal Box.

The trip was a great success with everyone having the chance to see similarities with their own production of Aladdin, learning about the team effort required to bring a show to life.

The pupils and teachers will now have a well-deserved rest on their Easter break.

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