Amnesty Visit

The Hutchie Amnesty and J8 Group enjoyed a fascinating visit from Human Rights Defender, Bonface Massah and Pauline Kelly, from Amnesty International Scotland on November 17.

Bonface, who is from Malawi and has albinism, delivered a talk to the pupils on his role defending people with the condition in his home country. He spoke about the Amnesty International campaign which he helped to launch last year, focusing on combatting the stigma around his condition in Malawi.

The school recently participated in the ‘Write for Rights’ campaign, where people from around the world sent letters of solidarity to people who have suffered from human rights abuses, or try to persuade government officials to implement changes in the law.

Bonface explained how important these letters were, and was extremely grateful for the positive effects he has witnessed in Malawi because of them.

He told pupils: “As a person with albinism myself, there’s no other person who can fight for my own rights and I need to encourage my fellow friends with albinism to champion their rights and work together.”

Written by S3 pupil, Shona McCallum (S3)

Photographs taken by Saad Mahmood (S3)

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