Nürnberg Trip

Learning didn't cease over summer for some, as six members of Hutchie's Amnesty Group and Depute Rector Jim McDougall headed to Nürnberg for a study visit.

Staying with families from Hans Sachs Gymnasium, the party aimed to research the city's post war recovery and commitment to Human Rights.
The group had been briefed by German specialist Professor Paul Bishop on the differences between the British and the German concept of a constitution, and the extent to which human rights are -or should be - enshrined in Law.
A detailed tour of Nürnberg set the context for a very interesting visit. The Medieval city, famed for its castle, churches, wealth and trade was all but obliterated in the war, a victim of its iconic status in the Third Reich. Painstakingly rebuilt, Nürnberg has confronted the dreadful experience of the war and now advances the cause of peace and tolerance.
A tour of the impressive Dokumentationszentrum was taken, which plots the rise and fall of the Nazi regime. The party also visited the Court where the Nürnberg Trials were held, and walked along the inscribed columns of the "Street of Human Rights". The trip underpinned how important human rights are, and also demonstrated the significance of an international system of justice. ​​​

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