An Animal Magic day

The P2s had an Animal Magic time on Monday when a variety of creepy crawlies visited their classrooms.

The children handled an African snail which was huge and slimy and they learnt a lot of interesting facts too. The snail belongs to the mollusc family as he has no bones and a soft, squidgy body. He has no legs and his poo is the same colour as the things that he eats!

Laura Rennie, from Animal Magic, also told the children the snail's slime is good for our skin.

The pupils were then introduced to two Madagascan hissing cockroaches that belong to the insect family and Millie the Millipede, who belongs to the myriapod family and has lots of legs and a segmented body. She was very tickly to hold.

Seth the scorpion and Rosie the tarantula also made an appearance at the P2 Minibeast class. Seth belongs to the family of arachnids and has two body parts and eight legs. Arachnids tend to kill their prey with their venomous fangs. Rosie can also be a little tricky to handle as when she is scared, she sprays hair at you.

So as far as Seth and Rosie were concerned it was a case of look but don't touch!

The children were fascinated by the minibeasts and really enjoyed meeting Laura and all her 'pets'.

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