Primary Music & Performance

The well-resourced Music Department is always a lively place! Its aim is to encourage children’s natural enthusiasm for different types of music and to introduce them to the pleasure of making music together.

From the very beginning of their Primary school careers children are encouraged to sing and play a variety of instruments and throughout the year there is a busy calendar of concerts, shows and workshops. As children move up the school opportunities arise to learn an instrument. Our team of two full-time music specialists and 18 instrumental teachers arrange taster sessions to ensure that every child has the chance to explore a wide range of musical experiences. When a child shows interest in learning a specific instrument, these teachers are available to offer parents help and advice.

Tuition, by arrangement, is offered in the following instruments and lessons take place during the school day at a time agreed with class teachers:

  • Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone
  • French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, euphonium
  • Violin, viola, ‘cello, double bass
  • Percussion, piano, chanter/bagpipes, Scottish drums
  • Guitar, clarsach, harp

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If you need further information about our Instrumental Tuition Scheme please contact our Music Administrator,


Primary Art

From Primary 1 all pupils visit the original art studios at Kingarth Street where they are taught by specialist teachers. Where possible, cross-curricular links are made so that the teaching of Art complements the wider curriculum.

We are delighted to showcase the work of our younger pupils in a new online Flickr gallery which can be accessed an the link below. The gallery features a wide range of work from across the Primary Department and includes drawing, painting, sculpture and 3D design projects.