Athletics challenge

Well done to all P6 & P7 athletes who competed at the Alix Jamieson stadium against The High School of Glasgow on Monday.

Despite the weather conditions pupils competed with great enthusiasm in a range of track events (80m, 200m & 600m) and field events (Long jump, High jump, Shot Putt & Ball Throw).

The final event of the evening made for an exciting finish with the 5x80m relay teams. Hutchie pupils were delighted to have some friendly competition with The High School of Glasgow and enjoyed learning about athletics etiquette.

The top two in each event from each school were awarded with school points.


The results were as follows -

P7 Girls HGS - 43 points, HSOG - 47 points

P6 Girls HGS - 34 points, HSOG - 46 points

Overall Girls HGS - 77 points, HSOG - 93 points

P7 Boys HGS - 53 points, HSOG - 37 points

P6 Boys HGS - 45 points, HSOG - 35 points

Overall Boys HGS - 98 points, HSOG - 72 points

A special mention must be made to the P7A & P6A boys 5x80m relay teams who both have set new primary school records. The P7 boys (Baird, Bradley, Davidson, Leslie and Peterkin) smashed the record from 2006 in a time of 57.0 seconds and the P6 boys (Campbell, Mathers, Reid, Rennie and Waugh) just pipped the record from the current P7 boys in a time of 59.5 seconds.

Thank you to all parents for supporting and to the PE staff for helping to run the event

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