Burns with a Euro twist

The annual S1 Bitesize Burns Supper had a distinctly international feel this year as pupils and teachers from Hutchesons’ Erasmus exchange partner schools in Germany and the Netherlands joined S1 pupils and parents to celebrate the life of Scotland’s national bard.

Over a hundred guests attended the event and were entertained and served their haggis by a group of multi-talented S1 pupils. Christopher Amner delivered the Selkirk Grace and Hannah Fairbairn played ‘My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose’ on her flute.

The haggis was piped in by Craig Geddes (S3) and Greg Turner (S2) and was duly addressed in both Scots and German for the benefit of the visitors – appropriate since Burns’ poetry and songs are famous worldwide and have been translated into more than 40 languages.

Depute Rector Jim McDougall acted as the bilingual master of ceremonies for the evening.

George Balfour Sayer recited the Immortal Memory and then picked up his violin to deliver a Burns medley. Aubrey McCance gave a witty and polished Toast to the Lassies and received a clever reply from Ellie Wallace and Evie Winocour. Ellie was joined by Caitlin McGettrick to recite ‘To a Mouse’ in their best broad Scots.

The evening gave the visitors a taste of Scottish hospitality and was a chance for S1 pupils to show off their many skills -- as waiters, orators and musicians.

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