Charity total tops 20k

The school has raised an impressive £20,000 for this year’s charity NetsforLife ®.

Dr Greig handed over a cheque to members of our hard-working charity committee during Sports Day on Saturday.

S3 pupils Abbie McCorquodale, Carla Foxworthy, Eleanor Hall and Victoria Hamilton championed NetsforLife ®. and were delighted to accept the cheque on the charity’s behalf.

Depute Rector for ethos Mr McDougall said: “On behalf of the charity committee, I’d like to thank everyone who has helped in any way to support this cause.

“The purchase of anti-malarial nets with our funds will make a significant difference to a large number of people in remote and rural areas in Africa.

"I am delighted to say that, once all the money is in from various events, including the Primary spellathon we will have raised £20,000”

A fantastic achievement!


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