Designs on technology

The Design Engineering Club members – who meet Wednesday lunchtimes – strayed away from their usual scalextric project this week to test out the Technology Department's new vinyl cutter.

This new equipment will help pupils studying N5 and Higher Graphic Communication to realise elements of their design work.

So far it has been put to good use to create new and elaborate signage which has been popping up around the school thanks to the creative talents of Mr McCormick.

However, the pupils in the Design and Engineering Club have been coming up with their own creations. Noah Bateman has created name stickers to add a personalised touch to his and his friend's cricket bats, whilst Glen Knox, Paddy Lamont and Alexander Cobb have customised their mobile phones with interesting graphics.

Not to be out done Mr Walker also added to the door signage of A18 with a graphic that really complements the quality of Mr McCormick's work.

­The pupils have excelled with the introduction of new software and processes which can be quite tricky to perfect. Look out for what they come up with next!

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