Entrepreneurial Spirit

A blog post by Depute Rector David Campbell


Depute head boy Suhit Amin’s business endeavours have seen him featured in the Sunday Times Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland’s Call Kaye show and BBC 2’s Timeline programme but Hutchie has a strong history of entrepreneurship.

Ask any successful CEO what it takes to make it in the business world and you would undoubtedly be told it takes a lot of hard work and just a little bit of luck. Suhit has certainly put in a lot of hours getting his business off the ground but I’m sure he would also agree lady luck has played her part.

Hutchie has the reputation of being an academic school and it undoubtedly is – you just have to look at our excellent exam results each year. Some might say that it is a very competitive school and while it is, I would argue it isn’t overly so. And in any case, is a bit of healthy competition such a bad thing? Definitely not if you want to make it as an entrepreneur.


The Forbes website lists ‘competitive nature’ as one of the 8 essential qualities for successful entrepreneurs. As a parent of a Hutchesons’ pupil I am glad my child is developing a competitive nature. In the real world we don’t all get a medal for taking part in a race and yes, not every child is going to win the race, but that’s ok too. At Hutchie we celebrate all our pupils’ successes in whichever area they achieve.

Entrepreneurship is encouraged at the school through our Enterprise club and our pupil members enjoy all aspects of setting up and running a business in school. The desire to turn a profit is great and often fueled by competition from other enterprise business operating within the school. Entrepreneurship is an area of school life which has developed over the years and builds an important skill set for our pupils to go out and succeed in the real world of business.

Back in the 90s one pupil saw a gap in the market and quickly turned a profit buying and selling private number plates. Today, he is the founder of a multi-national financial firm which handled transactions of over $15billion last year.


Indeed, there have been several successful entrepreneurs to graduate from Hutchie in the intervening decades and that is because quite a number of the other Forbes’ entrepreneur qualities are evident in the Hutchie environment. Passion, for example. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and their pupils who in turn are very passionate about school life. One boy who recently joined the primary school told his teacher: “I used to look forward to the weekends but now I look forward to schooldays.” Granted not all of them will be passionate about every subject they take but their passion and dedication in certain areas like sport, music and extra-curricular activities like our Enterprise group, is very evident.

So to the parent who may be concerned that Hutchie could be too competitive an environment for their child I would ask them to come along and speak to our pupils. They will quickly see that they all have a desire to be the best they possibly can be and that a little competition really does help them achieve that. Oh, and they may very well be talking to a future Forbes 500 CEO.


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