FP Ryan's quake plea

Former pupil Ryan Buchanan C2010 is appealing to the Hutchie community to help aid efforts in Ecuador following the devastating earthquake.

Ryan, who is currently working as an Exchange Programme Coordinator for an NGO in Nicaragua, spent a year living in Ecuador in 2012/13 and has colleagues living in the area devastated by the quake.

He said: "Ecuador is a place that I hold fondly in my heart. The NGO I am working for in Nicaragua, Global Student Embassy, has operations in Ecuador very close to the epicentre in a place called Bahia de Caraquez.

"Many buildings in Bahia have been destroyed and in general there has been massive damage to buildings, roads, and bridges on the coast. Many people have been severely injured and there are many casualties as well.

"GSE is currently fundraising to support the relief efforts on the ground. The organisation is trying to reach a target of $60,000 USD to provide emergency medical supplies and food and water to those in Bahia de Caraquez."

If you would like to help Ryan's organisation reach its target, please go to their fund raising site at http://www.empowered.org/Ryan-GSE/initiatives/Ecuador-Earthquake-Relief

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