Futures Conference highlights

S5 pupils returned to school last week to a programme of events designed to give them a flavour of S6 experiences. Here pupils Katie Cattanach and Kirsty Griffiths explain more about the Futures conference.

Last week, after returning from our S5 examinations, we were given an insight of what to expect from life as an S6. Not only do we have increasing responsibilities as we become head of the school, we also need to start thinking about our plans for the future, including the courses we want to apply for and where we want to go.

As competition for university places is ever increasing, the futures conference gives us pupils an essential head start in preparing our applications.


An introduction to the UCAS process immediately proved to us how important it is to have a strong personal statement, no matter which course you want to do.

We had the opportunity to take part in multiple workshops focused on the development of a personal statement emphasising what should be included and the qualities that universities are looking for in applicants.This was extremely beneficial and will help us greatly when writing our personal statements.

One of the workshops involved us taking on the role of an admissions tutor, deepening our understanding of the difficulties of the application process by looking at applications from an alternative perspective. Time was also allotted for researching the universities and courses that we were interested in.


Our year also participated in a fun RAF team-building session, enhancing our communication and teamwork skills.

 ‘Enterprise Day’ was held on the Friday  during which we got to experience what it’s like to be involved in Enterprise - one of the many extra-curricular activities available to S6 pupils.

After being divided into teams, we were set the challenge of creating a drink product and pitching it to a panel of judges.

The day enabled us to collaborate together and combine ideas, using a variety of skills from different subjects to design and launch our own innovative product.

This was one of the highlights of the week as it was a new experience for many and brought out the competitive nature/budding entrepreneurs in all.

We are now looking forward to beginning to become involved in other S6 responsibilities, such as voting for prefects, experiencing S6 timetables during the S6 taster week and finding out more at the Careers fair.

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