Futures Conference week 2

S5 pupils have been enjoying week 2 of the Futures programme which is designed to give them a flavour of S6 experiences. Here pupils Cameron Johnson and Tom Richardson reveal what they have been doing.

After a week away doing a taster of our timetables we returned to the futures conference on Monday 13th. This started with a representative from Glasgow University coming to speak to us about admissions into university.

She told us a lot about what they look for in candidates that are applying and how they sort out who gets on the course and how this varied from course to course. This was useful to us all as we gained a real insight into how admissions work at university. It also gave us vital information on how to best complete our application.

 This was followed by a talk from a representative from Strathclyde who spoke about open days and how to make full use of them. As many universities have open days around this time it helped us to fully understand what we could do to make the best use of the limited time that we have at an open day. They gave us great advice on how to structure our visit to each university and how to identify they key areas to visit.

After this we were split up into three different groups to go to three different talks on a rotation. The first of these talks told us about a computing course we could do in 6th year which was widely recognised by universities all across Europe.

This was followed by a talk from former pupils who spoke about their experiences of their first year at university and what they had learned. This allowed us to gain an insight into what university life is really like.

The last of these talks was by more former pupils who spoke about personal statements and choosing courses and the general UCAS process. This was very beneficial as it meant we knew what areas to focus on in our personal statements and what to expect as we apply for university.

Aberdeen University came to speak to us about their university and life as a student. The representative gave us an insight on what it is like as a student at Aberdeen University and in general at different universities of varying sizes, the population of their location and what this meant. He then also described the campus and the facilities available to us there, giving us an idea of what we're could have at our disposal.

On the Tuesday we were put on a Heartstart training course. After getting a brief outline of what the day would entail we were split into different groups and were each taught about what to do in certain situations such as heart attacks, choking and if someone is unconscious. We learned about the key skills of CPR and how to put people in the recovery position and how to deal with a heavily bleeding wound. This was very beneficial to us all as they may turn out to be vital skills we may have to call on again later on in our lives.

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