In a fast-moving, global economy where the pace of change is accelerating, we are keen to ensure that pupils at Hutchesons' have every chance to connect with people and places across the world.

Pupils at Hutchesons' have many opportunities to connect with people and places across the world.

They take part in Model United Nations conferences throughout the UK. We are building a network of partner schools which we can tap into at different levels to share ideas and enrich and enhance the curriculum.

Online tools have opened up many opportunities to learn about other countries and cultures. We have set up "e-twinning" arrangements with schools in Germany, as well as India and Australia, specifically to exchange ideas on EcoSchools, Geography and Biology.
Exchanges and trips are an important way of developing and cementing relationships. Of special note is a new S4 exchange opportunity with Goulburn Valley Grammar School in Victoria, Australia. During the summer holidays, pupils from Hutchesons' will attend school in Australia, staying with families and exploring the area. In return, they will host their Australian counterparts at the end of the year.
Through our connection with Goulburn Valley Grammar School we have been invited to join a partnership of independent schools from Australia and the USA set up to look at environmental issues. Each member school hosts, by rotation, an annual week-long conference, during which time pupils take part in focus groups, attend workshops, visit sites and deliver presentations. Key to everything is the idea of young people from different backgrounds working together to learn and reflect on global issues, such as biodiversity, conservation and sustainability, and to devise ways of raising awareness and getting things done in their area.
Classics visits to Rome and Florence, Geography field trips to Iceland and winter sports trips to the USA and Switzerland are further testimony to the global reach of Hutchesons'. In all these ways, the aim is to produce pupils who have an international outlook, an empathy with other cultures and who are confident about taking their place in the world.

International Partner Schools