Head Boy's reward


Head Boy Fraser Belmore was praised for his actions when he reunited a lost mobile phone with its very grateful owner.

Fraser discovered the phone down the side of a seat on the Glasgow Central to Crossmyloof train on his way back to school to help at the S5 Parents Evening.

He was alerted to the phone when he heard it ringing. He explained: “The first time it rang I couldn’t figure out how to answer it before it rang off. The second time it rang I answered it but there was silence at the other end. Finally, on the third occasion I managed to speak to the owner.

“I told him I was heading back into school and he could pick it up from there. When I arrived I handed it to Mr Gambles who was welcoming parents in reception.”

The owner collected his phone from Mr Gambles and asked him to pass on a £10 reward to Fraser. He also gave him his business card and told Fraser to phone him to arrange a suitable time to come into his restaurant with a friend to enjoy a complimentary meal.

Rector Mr Gambles said: “Fraser did not expect any reward for his actions: the school values honesty greatly, and for its own sake.”

Fraser could hardly believe his luck when he was given the meal for two offer at Bilson Eleven – the up and coming restaurant in Glasgow. He said: “I was delighted with the reward and the meal for two. I haven’t taken the owner up on his offer yet as I have been really busy, but I definitely will.”

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