Hutchesons’ has an enviable reputation as one of the top Schools in Scotland with a strong commitment to and excellent record of academic success. To this aim, every single pupil is individually guided, encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential across the curriculum.

A glance at the statistics below can confirm that, year upon year, the vast majority of our pupils can achieve entry to top universities in subjects of their choice.


Our Commitment to Academic Excellence

The Hutchie culture of commitment, hard work, high quality teaching and determination, creates a genuine in-depth understanding at each subject level, which is an ideal strategy for success within the new SQA system.

In 2018 68% of all S5 Highers were awarded Grade A.



  • 68% of all S5 Highers were awarded Grade A for the third year running
  • 20% of Fifth Year obtained 6 Highers at grade A
  • 40% of Fifth Year obtained at least 5 grade A Highers
  • 78% of all Nat 5 at grade A and 91% at grade A&B.
The sheer volume of Highers sat by the year group, and the correspondingly high number of A grades gives the truest measure of the academic strength of the school. There were 519 this year. 


*Post-marking review figures