Infant World Cup 2018

Eighteen P7 pupils had worked hard since January to plan and organise both the Junior World Cup and the Infant one. 

On a dry Tuesday at the end of June, they worked quickly to set up their 24 stations (comprising Beat the Goalie, Header Catch, Backward Banana Ball, Hoop Ball, Basket Ball, Tunnel Ball, Dribble Obstacle Course all mirrored three times) in the playgrounds at Kingarth Street. 

Helpful teachers strung up bunting and tied up the massive World Cup Trophy. The teams were lead to their starting points and the hooter blew for the off!

The pupils tried as hard as they could as a team to gain as many points as possible until the hooter blew. Then it was time to move to the next station.

The children were all smiles as they scored point after point and the P7s were kind and encouraging. In all, each team took part in 8 events then congregated in front of the podium.

The P7s gave them all an ice lolly then banged their noisy bangers as the results were read out. 

It was a very exciting afternoon and there were smiles all round.

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