Junior Duke Awards 2018

The sun shone as the 45 P7 Platinum completers picnicked on the lawn in front of the primary school at the end of June. 

Former Pupil and Patron of the Award, Gordon Bulloch presented everyone with their well-earned certificates and we wished him lots of luck in his most recent challenge which is running up Dumgoyne 24 times in 72 hours in an attempt to raise money for Motor Neuron Disease; something he wanted to do for his ex teammate, Doddie Weir.

He also told us that he had received an exciting package through the post in April and he showed us the contents - his cap for playing for the British Lions.  

Two new challenges to be included in the Platinum level this year are ‘happiness’ and ‘trip planning’ and we heard from some of the children about what they had chosen to do.

A lovely afternoon was had by all!

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