Karate kids

Senior games pupils were awarded top gongs for their efforts learning all about Shukokai Karate over the academic year.

The group received certificates of achievement this week, celebrating all of their hard work mastering the martial art with their instructor Dr.Tonner, who is Head of Philosophy and Religion at the school.

Shukokai is derived from one of the original styles of Karate, Shito Ryu, with roots that date back over three hundred years since it began in Okinawa, Japan.  

The pupils gained invaluable experiences that can be applied to every aspect of their lives, learning techniques on self-control, how to fight and understanding the mechanics of the body.

Pictured here are Alison Duncan, Donald McDonald, Wan-Hew Tran, Cameron Scott and Bertie Whiteford with Dr.Tonner.


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