Leon Smith's 'surprise' visit



Former pupil and Davis Cup team coach Leon Smith surprised pupils and staff at this morning's assembly at Kingarth Street.

Pupils had been told there was going to be a special assembly but they had no idea who the important guest was until Leon walked into the hall.  The children and the staff could barely contain their excitement as then curtains opened to display the huge Davis Cup trophy.

Leon, C1993, answered a volley of questions from our primary pupils who took the fantastic opportunity to quiz him on a number of topics.

He expertly and diplomatically answered a range of questions including:-

  • How did you become so great?
  • What do you do when someone doesn't follow your instructions?
  • Who has been the most difficult player to coach?
  • Have you ever pretended your tennis racquet was a guitar?

Leon confessed to using his tennis racquet as an air guitar and told the children: "I'm in no way embarrassed to answer yes to that. Doesn't everyone? My children do it all the time and I don't know anyone who hasn't used it as a guitar.

Leon then spent an hour coaching some of the primary pupils in the assembly hall and happily posed for photos with staff - including his former P.E. teacher Mr Lang.

The children also got the opportunity to take a closer look at the Davis Cup Trophy.

Thanks to Leon and the LTA for a wonderful visit - the pupils had an ace time!


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