Lidl talk for Business pupils

Former pupil Miles Hollinshead returned to Beaton Road to give a talk to Advanced Higher Business pupils.

Miles (C2009), who is an assistant to the Regional Director for Lidl, gave the pupils valuable insight into the supermarket’s operations. He explained how Lidl can sell its produce for a lower price in comparison to the “Big 4” supermarkets, how their stores and warehouses are designed to maximize efficiency, Lidl’s plans to expand further across the UK and US and how although the discount supermarket may have received a bad reputation at the start, shopping there is standard nowadays, with Lidl occupying 5.5% of the UK market share.  

The topics he covered were very relevant to the business course, such as corporate social responsibility, multinationals, foreign direct investment and achieving economies of scale. Thanks to Miles, we expanded our knowledge about the competitive nature of the supermarket industry, and much of the information we learned can be applied to all areas of this challenging course.

Written by Mary, S6


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