London Reunion


Over 30 London-based former pupils enjoyed a reunion in the fantastic setting of Smithfield on March 15th. 

The FPs were joined at St Bart's Brewery by the Rector, Mr Gambles, Depute Rector (Alumni and Development) Mr McDougall, Mrs Duncan (Alumni Coordinator) and Mrs Galloway (Trust Office). 

Everyone had the chance to be reunited with old friends, share happy memories and find out more about Hutchesons' in 2018.

On the reunion, Mr McDougall said: "It was a great opportunity to connect with FPs from a mix of ages, with some of the younger FPs who are just starting on their careers in London, and others who have lived in or close to the capital for many years."

"The event was a great success, with all of the FPs keen to get updates about the School." 

The Hutchie staff thanked everyone who attended and the FPs are now looking forward to the next reunion.

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