Marathon Man

The School's new bursar John McColgan recently completed the Stirling marathon and raised much needed funds for Cancer Research UK. Here, John, who joins the school in July, tells us about his marathon effort.

"Before Christmas 2016, two of my older children- Ruth and Paul (I have five children) suggested that the three of us run a marathon in 2017. We decided to do so in aid of Cancer Research UK as cancer is an illness which has affected our family directly  and so many others too. We brought in an extra pair of legs in my daughter’s friend, Kat and the four of us set about training from Christmas onwards. Our target  - the first Stirling Marathon on 21 May 2017.

"Although this was the first marathon for the other three, this was my sixth. My first was the 1984 Glasgow Marathon but my most recent one was nearly ten years ago when I ran the 2007 Chicago Marathon. I can honestly say I felt those ten years difference.


"I remain active because I cycle my current commute of a round trip of 18 miles a day between home and Wellington School but a marathon is about getting the miles into your legs. That was hard. In our training, the four of us got together every Sunday morning to build up our long weekend run. Training went very well and I got to love the 1/2/3 hour runs as they allowed us to have some quality time and a good catch-up!

"Come the day of the marathon, the weather was just about perfect. No wind, overcast (so not too hot) and late in the race, when some very light rain came, it just cooled you down beautifully. The people of Stirling and the surrounding towns were fantastic and so supportive. I wasn't the first McColgan to finish (commonwealth and world gold medalist - Liz beat me! But nor was I the last!!!). My dream time was to do it in 4h20m so I was delighted to do it in 4h19m.

"All four of us did it without injury or mishap as hopefully you can see!

"We had hoped to raise £2,000 for Cancer Research UK and I'm delighted to say that we raised over £4,000. Everyone was so generous. It reaffirms your faith in people.

"Will it be my last marathon? Like many during training, I said “definitely!” Now? We shall see. If you see me out running at lunchtime in and around the School, you know what I've decided!!

"I am very excited about joining Hutchesons' Grammar School at this time. After ten years as Bursar at Wellington School, I know a great deal about the independent school sector in Scotland but this opportunity provides me with a wonderfully fresh challenge. I am looking forward to working with The Board of Governors, the Rector and staff of the school to deliver the best educational environment for all of our pupils."




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