Nitte Roundup


Pupils and staff recently hosted guests from our partnership school in Nitte, India, Dr.NSAM English Medium High School. Pupils Bola Rithika, 14 and Prathiksha Bhat, 15, write about their visit here.  

“From the moment we arrived at Glasgow Airport, we were warmly welcomed by Mrs McArthur, Ellidh and Katie. Coming off the plane from India and breathing in the Scottish air was really amazing.

On our first day, so many people asked us “How are you finding Glasgow?” to which we would reply “It’s really cold!”. Fast forward to the last day of our trip, when someone asked us the same question, all we could say was how amazing life at Hutchie was!

During our time at Hutchesons', we had the opportunity to join pupils and staff for lots of different adventures.

We took in the scenic beauty of Largs, the serenity of the Gurudwara, the beauty of Pollok Country Park, the history of Edinburgh castle and much more. We really enjoyed trying lots of Scottish delicacies too, including Irn-Bru, haggis and lots of deserts.

A personal highlight for us was visiting Kingarth Street, meeting the young minds of the primary school was really special and we enjoyed answering their questions they had on India.

We wholeheartedly give thanks to the Rector, Mr Gambles, our “always-there-for-you person" Mrs Tomitaka, as well as our Hutchie hosts, Lucy, Carla and Olivia.

Our sincere gratitude to Mrs Barr for accompanying us, Mr McDougall for giving precious time and a wonderful memory of Largs with Nardinis' ice cream.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr and Mrs Jheeta, with whom we had a wonderful and memorable evening and the girls, Mary, Sophie, Victoria with whom we enjoyed a great time.

We also had the chance to visit our cousins, who attend Hutchesons’ and we give thanks to all those who have directly and indirectly made our visit to Scotland a memorable one!  

The N.S.A.M family is enthusiastically waiting to have the Hutchie exchange pupils in Nitte.


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