P1's health and safety tips

P1s were given some top tips for keeping healthy and safe from Dr Liz, dentist Mrs Faqir and lollipop man Fred when they visited they visited Kingarth Street last week.

Dr Liz, who is Sarah and Rebecca Frain’s mum told them all about her job as a doctor and how they can keep healthy. She told them the main part of her job is to look after her patients and to make sure they have the medicine they need to make them better.

The pupils also learnt how important it is to wash their hands very well to get rid of all the germs. She told them to remember to wash their hands several times a day before they practised the proper way to clean away the germs.

She also told them that in order to keep really healthy they should eat a well-balanced diet and sleep well – 11 hours each night is recommended for a P1. Dr Liz’ s final piece of advice was to make sure they kept active and encouraged them to exercise for at least one hour a day.

Mrs Faqir, Haris and Sofia’s mum, was impressed with the pupils’ knowledge and pleased they brushed their teeth for two minutes twice a day. The children learnt how many baby teeth they have and when they begin to lose them and grow adult ones. Mrs Faqir also talked about food that is good for dental health and encouraged the children not to eat too much sugary food and drink.

Lollipop man Fred stressed the importance of looking right, left and then right again and to always look and listen when crossing a road. The children did some role play activities and Fred told them it was a good idea to put reflective strips on their schoolbags.


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