P1's power trip

The Primary one children visited the Riverside Museum this week as part of their transport topic.

They took part in a workshop called Powerful Stuff and they had a great experience pretending to be scientists, engineers, inventors and designers and exploring the museum to find out how different machines are powered.

They discovered how wind powers a wind surf and how a cart is horse-powered. The children had fun sketching a penny farthing bike and thinking of how you could get on and off and stop it.

The pupils loved looking at two trams. One was horse powered and we went shopping in a Saddlers Shop where we could buy harnesses and saddles. The other tram was more modern and was powered by steam. It had a posh section with comfortable couches.

Next up on the museum tour was the subway exhibition and the children learnt that it was powered by coal and steam. Then they examined the first glider which was able to stay in the air for a full seven seconds.

Finally, they got to dress up as wealthy car owners and as a mechanic while they talked about cars being powered by petrol.

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