P2 welcomes class visitors

The Primary 2s have enjoyed an exciting term full of visitors to enhance their study of the body and the senses. 

Eilidh Dorrian came to speak to Primary 2 about the human body. Eilidh is a physiotherapist from Phyzz.ED and has been visiting Hutchesons' for a few years now to share her expertise with the children.

She told us facts such as:

Our heart is a big, powerful muscle which acts as a pump, pumping blood around our body;

We have red blood cells, to carry oxygen, and white blood cells, to fight infections;

Eating lots of crisps doesn't make your heart healthy, unlike fruit and plenty of water.

Primary 2 also visited the Science Centre to discover more about the human body and our five senses. The children were able to explore the Body Works exhibits in the Science Mall and loved the challenge of the many different activities there. They also worked in small groups in 'The Egg' to investigate their senses of sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing.

Mrs Iqbaal (optician and mum to Iman in P2M) visited us to talk about her work and about how our eyes actually see things.  We learned that images are turned upside down prior to being processed by the brain and that eye colour is inherited. 

Dr Macaulay (GP and dad to April P2D) spent the afternoon providing us with a unique (Pokemon influenced) insight into bacterial, fungal and viral infections and how our bodies cope.  Did you know that the 'dangly' bit at the back of the throat is actually called the uvula?

Thank you to all our visitors for coming in to talk to the pupils!

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