P3's wedding day

Primary 3 enjoyed a lovely visit to nearby St. Ninian's Church to find out more about Christian weddings. 

For many children this was their first visit to a church and Jemma Dempster and Ishita Israni said: "It was great to learn about some of the important features of a church.  I now know that I should look out for the font, pulpit, lectern and altar when I visit a church."

The children learnt a little bit about the history of the church from Reverand Romano. Blaire Duncan and Hamish Cornell said: "I was amazed that such a great building was created by the Victorians.  It even had central heating!" 

The pupils also learnt all about what happens at a Christian wedding. Some were surprised by what they found out. Christopher Eltringham said: ""I didn't know that the bride was taken down the aisle by her father." Eva Cameron added: "I learnt that the groom waits at the alter for the bride."

On Thursday 19th May, each P3 class will be donning their best clothes and acting out a wedding in their classrooms. Every one will have a part to play. 

Fingers crossed for beautiful weather.

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