P6's Victorian Experience

The P6s have been learning about the Victorian times and to help really understand what life would have been like for a child at that time, they were taken to Pollok House. 

There, the children were dressed up as different servants and went round the house finding out which servant would have to work in which room.

After that they went to Scotland Street School and discovered what it would have been like to go to school there in 1884.

They dressed in shirts and waistcoats (boys) and smocks (girls) then lined up nervously to go into the classroom.

The teacher was terrifying!

She shouted at the pupils, threatened them with the belt, made them all sit with their eyes front and speak when spoken to, barked mental questions at them and made them all scared.

This is what Rohan and Ethan had to say about the trip: "Ma'am told us to handle our dip pens and write the alphabet in copperplate handwriting.  People were petrified as they didn't know what would happen if they got something wrong.  We all obeyed Ma'am's commands.  After it all finished, we were relieved that we were back in 2017."

Issy and Kavita said: "We were nervous to get the answers wrong.  We were scared to put our hands up.  We were embarrassed to get into trouble."

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