Hutchesons’ Grammar School is a vibrant, forward-looking school where children are encouraged to realise their potential both in and out of the classroom. As they rise to meet the challenges of high academic achievement pupils are ably supported by a very effective pastoral team. 

As pupils rise to the challenges of academic achievement they are well supported by an effective pastoral team. For many children, coming to a large Secondary is daunting, but at Hutchesons’ this transition is a smooth one as there has been a great effort in developing a pastoral care system that really works.

The Pastoral Team

An extensive guidance team, overseen by a Depute Rector, ensures a high level of individual care and attention is maintained.

First level guidance is provided by Form Teachers, who get to know each individual pupil, encourage a form identity and provide a trusted, daily point of contact. They are supported by an experienced group of Year Tutors, who oversee all aspects of pastoral provision and develop pupil relationships through social activities. Staff are encouraged to listen to pupils and can advise on a wide range of topics, including sensitive ones, as they are well trained on issues such as Child Protection, Drug Abuse, Eating Disorders, Depression in Adolescence and Bereavement. Our two matrons also co-operate closely with pastoral staff, from their base in our well-equipped medical suite.
The School encourages an active partnership with parents in dealing with any issues which may be affecting our pupils both at home and at school.
We welcome open communication at all times.  Current parents can find out more about contacting our pastoral staff here.


Mrs K Reid and Mrs J Johnstone, both Registered General Nurses, are based in the Secondary School from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm during the school day on a job-share basis (until 5.15 pm on Tuesday and Thursday).
Pupils who require first aid, nursing or medical treatment in the case of an accident or illness will be referred to Matron, who will contact parents where necessary. Mrs Reid and Mrs Johnstone also counsel and guide pupils on physical and mental aspects of their welfare. Both nurses have a Certificate in Counselling Skills and are trained to use a defibrillator.

Personal and Social Education

Throughout the school pupils will encounter a range of experiences to promote their personal and social well-being and enable them to develop a sense of self-worth and relate effectively to others. You can read more on these opportunities here.

The Seasons for Growth Loss and Grief Education Program aims to promote resilience, enhance coping strategies and develop life skills in young people through focusing on understanding the effects of change. Pupils volunteer to take part and the sessions are run by a trained Companion (from the school) and they work in small groups over a period of time.

School Counselling

We are fortunate to have on our staff a qualified Counsellor, Kirsty Reid, who is also one of our matrons. Pupils can access person-centred counselling in school at certain times in a dedicated room, giving them the opportunity to be able to talk about concerns in a safe and non-judgemental environment. There is evidence to support the idea that if young people can access the required emotional support from a qualified professional, they will have a greater opportunity to fulfil their potential.

The School has policies in place relating to both Health and Well-being and child protection and bullying which seek to ensure that pupils should never feel reluctant about voicing their concerns. We encourage pupils to be open and our experienced staff know how to react to any such confidences or reports.