Pen Pals


S1 pupils have been learning all about being a pen pal as they received their first letters from pupils at our partnership school in Nitte, India.

Over the course of the year, pupils from both Hutchesons' and Dr. NSAM English Medium High School will communicate the good old-fashioned way, swapping book recommendations and discussing their reading in their letters.

The project, ‘literary pen pals’, is organised by Mrs Cowen and Miss Tomitaka and also sees another two classes in the Hutchesons' English department paired with partner schools in Mauritius and Colorado.

Last year, the initiative was incredibly worthwhile – the pupils were eager to read books recommended by their pen pals, with the books suggested often being ones they had never encountered, which was very interesting.

The class, 1T6 , selected a letter from Nitte randomly and opened with great excitement.

This is one of many new connections forged between Hutchesons’ and Nitte.

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