Philosophy Conference 2016

The School hosted the annual Approaching Philosophy conference on Monday and welcomed 170 pupils and staff from schools across Scotland.

The conference is the only one of its kind in Scotland and offers the philosophers of the future an opportunity to learn about the great philosophers who have shaped modern thinking from expert academics who know their work the best.

This year’s speakers included Dr Chris Lindsay, Dr Robert Cowan and Professor George Pattison all from Glasgow University and engaged the pupils with some very thought-provoking presentations titled ‘Arguments in Action’, Moral Philosophy: How do we know right from wrong’, ‘Knowledge and Doubt: Descartes and Hume’ and ‘Existentialism in Kierkegaard, Heidegger and Sartre: Faith, Nazism and Atheism’.

Ms Carey organised this year’s event and has already received positive feedback from the attendees. Pupils from as far away as Dingwall attended the day-long event which is designed to help them transition from school to university level learning and to provide opportunities for them to hear from experts out with the classroom.

Rector Mr Gambles, said: “Pupils had a mind-expanding day considering some of the big questions posed by Descartes and Hume.  This continues our theme at Hutchesons’ of ensuring that pupils learn to think for themselves “cogito ergo sum”.  Many thanks to Dr Cowan, Dr Lindsay and Professor Pattison, our motivational speakers from Glasgow University.”

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