British Physics Olympiad Success

A number of S4 pupils achieved success in the British Physics Olympiad Physics Challenge 2017/18.

Craig and Shreyas received a Gold Award, placing them in the top 4% of pupils in the UK who sat the paper.

Huzefah, Zaid, Adithya, Ayush and David achieved Silver Awards.

Alex, Saketh, Asad and George achieved Bronze 1 Awards.

Stephanie, Pragna, Craig, Stan, Katya, Lonya, Varun, Sophia, Calum and Gregor achieved Bronze 2 Awards.

Charlotte, Yasdan, Marcus, Omar, Louis, Matthew, Simar, Thomas, Pujitha, Ishaan, Alex, Keira, Robbie, Mus'ab, Sajal, Arun, Faraz, Yasmin and Abbas were awarded a Commendation.

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