Pirate maths day


Kingarth Street was overrun with pirates on Tuesday – but don't worry, these pirates were Primary 5 pupils working through maths puzzles.

Mr Adams, his team of teachers and 6th year helpers came down to the primary school to do an afternoon of pirate maths puzzling. 

P5 helped decide the ratio of lemons to limes in pirate water, the best way to decide a pirate arm wrestling competition and even what order to make pirates walk the plank.

After all this puzzling was done the treasure rewards were counted up and everybody managed to win lots of gold coins. Everyone had a good time and fortunately nobody was fed to a crocodile.

Mr Adams would like to thank everyone from the primary school (pupils and teachers who helped) as well as the parents who came along for the experience.

Thanks also to Mrs Mungall, Mrs Smith, Mrs Ford and Miss Ramsay for their help rounding up the little pirates and keeping them in line.

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