P6 Opera Fever!

In January, experts from Scottish Opera shared their musical talents with Primary 6 pupils as they conducted their hugely popular "Fever" workshop at Kingarth Street.

The pupils had studied the songs during class music lessons, and were well prepared for the visiting professional Opera Singers.
There are three groups of characters involved in the Opera, which has been specially designed for children to perform. The Medics, The Body and The Press! The musical score reflects the energy and pace of a thriller or mystery, but there are also strong fantastical and humorous elements to the story.
The pupils benefited from the workshop, which improved their  vocal and performance skills and gave them the confidence to present a lively performance of the Opera 'Fever' at the end of the day.

Primary 6 would like to give a big thank you to Scottish Opera for providing such a unique and valuable experience.

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