Primary Tech Talk

Primary pupils have been enjoying visits from Beaton Road's Technology Department to look at 3D printing in action.

Mr Walker has been holding workshops with children in p2 to p7 to discuss how a 3D printer works and how this technology is used around the world and even in space.

The international space station - visited by British Astronaut Tim Peake - have used printers to create tools in space to reduce the time needed to transport tools from earth from several months to just a few hours.

3D printing is big news and has numerous uses in design, construction and medical fields to name just a few. Specialist restaurants are even 3D printing food to enhance the visual effect of their menus.

The pupils were very excited to learn more. Mr Walker commented "I was very impressed by the knowledge they already had about 3D printing. However, I was even more impressed by the sensible questions they asked".

As 3D printing technologies develop it is likely that many of these pupils will come across printed parts in their everyday lives and will maybe even use a 3D printer in their future careers.

What will they be printing in 10 years’ time?

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