Primary World Cup 2018

The World Cup started in Russia on the 14th of June, so the very next day, the children of P4-7 showed them how it should be done in a day rather than a month!

Split into 32 teams of up to 8 children, all dressed in the colours of their country's flag, they flooded the 8 pitches at Auldhouse.

Sixteen very responsible, helpful, hardworking S4 boys had set up the pitches and pitched a tent for the scorers as well as laying out an array of novelty events. They then spent the whole day refereeing and were very encouraging and entertaining, particularly the dancing ref, Cameron!

Throughout the course of the day, 64 matches were played and gradually, teams were knocked out.  At this stage, if a game ended in a draw, some of the referees had to change role and become the goalie for penalties!

At lunch time, it was lovely to see so many children playing football, picnicking, jumping around tractor tyres, clambering on tackle bags and laughing with their friends.

After lunch, the remainder of the games were played. Spain won the final of the Plate tournament and Nigeria won the third/fourth playoff to win bronze. 

The day ended in a tense final between Morocco and Brazil. The other 30 teams surrounded the pitch and cheered on their favourite.

With only a few minutes to go, Brazil lost another man due to injury. Morocco had the upper hand. Although they matched Brazil’s 4-man-team, they took the lead and won.

It was a great day and it was an excellent opportunity to say farewell to Mr Tommy Young who has been the groundsman at Auldhouse for 32 years.


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