Primary record breakers

Several primary pupils became record-breakers this term – in a number of field and track events.

The results show the commitment the pupils have to P.E. and rewards all their hard work.

Congratulations to all record breakers during Primary athletics this term!

Primary 7

100m                                       Rebecca Anderson                  15.1 secs

Long Jump                              Rebecca Anderson                  4.31m

Quoit                                       Jennifer Jin                              26.27m

Ball throw                               Owen Gould                           54.70m


Primary 6

High Jump                               Olivia Dykes                           1.35m

Ball Throw                              Brodi Cuthill                           33.03m

Shot Put                                  Catriona Adams                      6.11m

Standing Long Jump               Jamie Davidson                       1.98m

1500m                                     Robbie Baird                           5.24.9

5 x 80m Relay                         Alastair Wood                         59.77 secs

Jamie Davidson

Guy Hogan

Johnny Bradley

Robbie Baird                          


Primary 5

1km                                         Abbie Flower                          3.53.21           

600m                                       Abbie Flower                          2.14.87

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