Public Speaking Competition Roundup


Aubrey (S3) triumphed at the Rotary Club of Glasgow's Schools Public Speaking Competition.

This event saw 18 top speakers from schools across Glasgow compete in our Fotheringay Auditorium on Tuesday 20th November.

Judges and teachers alike all noted that the standard had never been so high and any one of the 18 competitors could have been named the winner.

Hutchesons' had four finalists, who had all progressed from earlier heats of 15 pupils: Aubrey (S3), Moayad (S4), Pragna (S5) and Alex (S5). We could not have been more proud of each of our competitors, who all spoke with passion, clarity and insight.

Despite only being in S3, and competing against many older pupils, Aubrey received the 3rd overall prize after his speech on why Conversation is Survival, which was at turns poignant, humorous and profound. He was a very worthy winner indeed.

On Tuesday 6th November, Owen (S3) and Moayad (S4) spoke in the second heat of the Rotary Club of Glasgow's Schools Public Speaking Competition.

Alongside 12 pupils from other local schools, the boys had to speak for five minutes, having chosen one of three possible topics set by the Rotarians. Owen delivered a charismatic, humorous take on all the ways that 'Real Learning Does Not Occur in the Classroom' – just don't tell his teachers! Meanwhile, Moayad spoke powerfully about how, even though 'Conversation is Survival', for us in these difficult modern time, it is actually so much more.

Both of our pupils impressed the audience and the judges, with positive feedback all round. Moayad was selected to compete again in the final held at Hutchesons' on Tuesday 20th November.

On Thursday 8th November, Aubrey (S3) and Alex (S5) spoke in the third heat of the Rotary Club of Glasgow's Schools Public Speaking Competition.

Challenging 13 pupils from other Glasgow schools, our pupils delivered 5 minutes speeches, both opting for the topic 'Conversation is Survival'. Alex examined the effect conversation has had on humanity from an evolutionary and anthropological perspective, while Aubrey spoke poignantly about the lifeline conversation can offer when life seems impossible.

Alex and Aubrey were exceptional on the night, with one audience member even telling Aubrey he was 'completely mesmerising.' Both progressed to the final at Hutchesons' on Tuesday 20th November.

We are very proud of all of our public speakers – it is a daunting prospect to stand in front of an audience and perform for five minutes, but every one of our entrants were impressive ambassadors for the school.

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