Pupils' Parliament visit

The Primary School pupil council enjoyed an educational visit to the Scottish Parliament last week. Here Ronald Sweeney P7 reflects on the visit. 

On the 22nd of April the primary school pupil council visited the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh. On the way we stopped and looked at Bute House which is the official residence of Scotland's First Minister. When the Scottish Parliament is sitting the Cabinet meet, usually at Bute House, on Tuesday.

We made our way to the parliaments. The Parliament was in recess so the politicians were not there. We found out that MSPs work at the Parliament Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and their own areas on a Monday and Friday.

We were given a presentation and found out fun facts:

  • In 1707 the old Scottish and English parliaments joined
  • The Queen gave the new Scottish Parliament a hollow mace it is engraved with  "There will be a Scottish Parliament  - Scotland Act 1998"
  • There are 129 MSPs

We toured the building, which was designed by Enric Miralles. The rooms are unusually shaped and all have something to do with nature.

We used the microphone in a Committee Room and stood on the floor of the debating chamber. There is rumoured to be a ghost in part of the Parliament, sadly we did not see him - maybe next time!


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