J8 Groups

A small group of S4 pupils early involvement with the Nitte partnership led to the setting up of the  group in school. The name came from a UNICEF competition the pupils entered which offered the best junior 8 team in the UK the opportunity to discuss global issues with G8 leaders at their annual G8 summit.

The aim of j8 is to raise awareness of the causes of inequality. It is most eloquently expressed by the late President Nyerere of Tanzania when he said:

Take every penny you have set aside in aid and spend it in the UK explaining to people the facts and causes of poverty.

There are j8 groups for each year who meet weekly at lunch-times and their activities vary widely according to their preferences. Each year these activities will change depending upon what the pupils regard as important. 

Read the j8 blog here


Hutchesons' Grammar School's Amnesty mission statement is simple: "Educate, Inform, Inspire", and that is exactly what the members of this group aim to do around the school.

Amnesty do raise money, however their main focus is to raise awareness. The weekly Write for Rights group is a perfect example of how pupils educate the attendees on the global human rights struggle. Equality Day in April 2015 was an inspiring event with stalls aiming to encourage discussions about LGBT rights, Gender Equality and Anti-Bullying.

Read the Amnesty blog here.

Pupil Council

Primary and Secondary pupils have the chance to join the Pupil Council, which meets twice a month to discuss various school issues.

The Council does a great job in making the pupil voice heard, and put forward many important suggestions to help improve our school. Form classes elect representatives from each Form class.

Community Café

The community event aims to highlight local volunteering and community service opportunities.

Groups like Pollokshields Heritage, Friends of Rouken Glen and Action for Children have been in attendance at our Community Cafes in the past, and the different groups were on hand to chat about their activities.