A former pupil was delighted to have a memento from his school days restored after losing his favourite tie in a house fire.

John MacKay, from Stair in East Ayrshire, was ecstatic to be reunited with a replica of his prized possession on Friday, receiving a number of school ties and a bow tie from Mr Jim McDougall, Depute Rector, Alumni and Development.

Growing up in Glasgow Southside, John arrived at Hutchesons’ in 1966, joining the P5 class and spending many happy years at the school before leaving in S5 to kick-start a career in overseas banking.

The European Director of Automated Financial Systems was devastated when his Tarbolton home caught fire in 1995, resulting in his entire school memorabilia being destroyed.

On being reunited with the keepsake, he said: “The Hutchesons’ school tie means a lot to me. It taught me how to perfect my first knot, a lesson which has gone beyond the classroom and carried me throughout my working career.

“When our house caught fire, we lost absolutely everything and even after all these years, I was sad to lose my tie.

“Walking through the school doors again has been a wonderful experience. It is incredible to see how much the school has expanded and grown although some places are just the same, which has taken me back to some very fond memories of my time here.

“As a former pupil, I have always been extremely proud to say I was a Hutchie boy and I’m glad to be reunited with my school tie.”

John has two children, Lucy, 25, and Crawford, 29, and has been married to his wife, Anne for 36 years.



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