S1's Midsummer Night's Dream Trip

A group of S1 pupils, who have been studying 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' enjoyed a theatre trip to see a dramatisation of Shakespeare's classic. Here pupil Shona McCallum reflects on the trip.

S1 have been studying William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' over recent months in the English classrooms. After many days analysing the play, we were all excited to see 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' brought to life at Glasgow's very own Citizens Theatre.

There were many highlights to the trip for S1, including missing 15 minutes of class to have an early lunch! The upper school years were not so pleased to see a lunch hall full of S1s, but we were soon off on the move and after a short bus trip, we quickly arrived at the theatre.

Having taken to our seats, we sat in anticipation for the play, admiring the outstanding architecture and decoration in the theatre. Everyone loved the performances given by the very talented actors and actresses, including the hilarious Puck and amusing Lysander.

Pupils involved in stage-crew for drama in S1 were impressed by the slick scene changes and prospective performers were inspired by the acting in the play. Budding musicians in the audience were excited by the musical accompaniment and the teachers, who did a great job of organising the event, sat back and enjoyed the whole play going well.

Over all, the play was a great way to learn about the characters and plot lines in this Shakespeare play. The tricky language was well explained and conveyed by the skilled actors. Everyone in S1 had a great trip out to the theatre and it was a great end to our second term in secondary school at Hutchesons'.

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